Why Is Success Important?

“Success!”  What an odd word.  It is defined differently by different people.  If you were to ask 100 people on the street what the definition of success was you would get varying answers.

Success can be measured by the accomplishment of achieving one’s goals.  Success is measured by the attainment of wealth, social status, or the level of management and ranking with a company or organization one achieves.  Success can be seen in social settings of one having a lot of friends and support.

Success is like garbage or gold.  What is one man’s failure can be another man’s success.  What one person sees as a success can be seen as mundane and within a norm for another person.   Success is a term that is personal and defined by each person to fit their needs and ideas.

So why then is success important?  Success fills a need.  We all need to have a sense of accomplishment in our lives.  Success no matter how small is something that gives us the energy and passion to continue through the tough times to see a journey through to better times.

You are probably asking what does this have to do with real estate investing.  While success is often measured in terms of dollars, the greater success is often measured in terms of accomplishment of what one does with the dollars they successfully amass.

If one just piles money up and did nothing with it to improve their life or someone else’s it amounts to very little value.  It is then hardly worth the paper it is printed on.  A person can have a million dollars and if they do nothing with it, the money has little worth and value.

Real estate is one of the leading if not the leading way in which an individual can make a lot of money.  One can buy and sell a lot of houses and this can be equated to success, but it comes back to the why.  Why does one buy and sell houses?  To make money.  What does one make money for?  To change and improve lifestyle.

Are you beginning to follow me?  Success is a byproduct of our hard work.  A person can become the CEO of a company, but it is what that person does to make things better, run smoother, or how they improve or build on something good and how that equates in improving people’s lives is the real success.  It is what that person does with that position that is the real success.

When we look at success as the byproduct of our accomplishment is terms of better life style and quality of life for our loved ones and our self as well, success begins to take on a different look.  It is defined and seen differently.  It has a lasting value when it can be embraced and shared with those we care for, when we can see others we hardly know benefiting also.

I want you to take a minute and do an exercise that could be a life changing experience.  Take a piece of paper and write down how you would define success.  I am going out on a limb and willing to bet that what you write down is not real success but perhaps a vehicle to success because it does not answer the

It is not just about the money, it is what money can do for you and your family.

It is not just about the money, it is what money can do for you and your family.

question of “how is this going to make life better for me and my family” or “where is the enjoyment and satisfaction in it for me?” Once this definition is written down begin listing points that describe what life looks like our would look like when you meet this goal.

We will use real estate for example.  A person who makes $10,000 per month might see this as success. How is this increase in income going to change or improve your life?  Once this is determined success takes on a deeper value and something that is worth putting forth the effort to achieve.

Many people start out with the idea that they would like to make a six figure income but are defeated before they ever get started and never see the accomplishment or the success that results in a life change.  The reason is that people do not take effective action to attain success.  They don’t know how or where to begin.

In real estate there a couple of options.  A person can go to real estate school and get their real estate license.  Another option is to go not go to school and learn from people who are highly successful in buying and selling real estate as investors and are willing to share what they know to help other people succeed also.

Either route you choose is not going to be free.  You can go to school and spend a lot of money up front and spend a lot of time going through an academic process and getting licensed.  Or, you can spend $1, that’s right, $1 right now, and be up and running whole selling houses using little or no money of your own.  The best part is your credit does not matter because even if your credit is terrible you are not going to use it or need it.  This is an opportunity and a vehicle to help you see the success for you and your family we just discussed in this short article.

Click here and see what you get for one lousy stinken dollar.  You will be truly amazed.  I know I was. I will be the first to tell you, success does not come easy.  But with a break like this it would be tragic to not at least take a look.

Here is to your success and an improved quality of life, but you have to take action.

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